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Our business aims to distribute and provide the service about Cabling and Data Center Services. Our team has experience in Banking Data Network, UTP Cable, Fiber Optic Cable.



 All types of Data Cables (UTP, FTP, Fiber Optic, Serial Cable, Co-Axial Cable, RS-449, X.21, Parallel Cable, Cisco V.35MT, Cisco V.24MT,  Amp Champ/Telco) and Connectors (DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37, DB50, HD15, HD26, V.35/M34, BNC, ST, SC, LC, FC, MPO) with installation service

UPS, Rack, Raised Floor





  • Install, relocate, test certify, assessment, arrange network diagram, repair and maintenance of LAN and Fiber Optic (SM, MM,MPO) cabling.

  • Install, relocate, removal and re-organize of cabling system, network equipment and server in rack, telecom closet, data center and branch offices both domestic and oversea.

  • Maintenance service for Patching System in data center

  • Install, renovate data center (and consultant service)

  • Outsource Services (Network Admin and Cabling Service)


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